Anthony Osei Mensah 

Anthony Osei Mensah Is a motivational speaker and a tutor at ideal college, Boadi branch. He Is a young guy who has interest in fashion, and for that reason he is also the owner and the CEO for FT CLOTHING.

Anthony Osei Mensah Is a math tutor and through his teaching he also encourage the students in how to live life. He often use his life stories to advice them.

Anthony Osei Mensah Is a cheerful guy and a role model for many..


Kelvin Branurs has been searching for people to help him  when it comes to the encouragement of the youth of this generation.

Kelvin Branurs has now found interest on ANTHONY  OSEI MENSAH, a tutor and a motivational speaker.

Words of Kelvin branurs on Anthony Osei Mensah.

Anthony Osei Mensah is a tutor at ideal college and also he is a follower of Mr Clement Adjei Sarfo. When an individual links himself with good and wise people he is likely to become wise.

Anthony is a young adult who is starting life and he has started linking himself with wise people and so he has become wise automatically. He understand life and its modal times.

Am proud I chose him to help explore some activities he is doing

Kelvin Branurs connects with Youth program with Mr. Clement Agyei Sarfo  (Ideal College ) Ghana – kumasi(boadi ) branch.

Kelvin Branurs  has now found interest in  Youth empowerment program . Mr Clement has been a motivational speaker on many platform on the topics concerning the youth of our time and how they can live free.

The first day Kelvin Branurs heard of his preach for the youth, he found a great chance to help him make his dreams expand. Kelvin Branurs now want to use all his website platform to support this program in Ghana.

Words of Kelvin branurs;

It has been such a wonderful time listening to the Mr Clement. First I heard him on radio,an Fm in Ghana called Garden city. His words was great but not more greater than what he inspire in classroom when he teaches. I will never hesitate twice about the decision to use all my website platform to help him move on well publicly.

Fraud alert 

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It was recorded at the social media potective agency departmenet that proves that it is deeply effectiving much of the economy development.  Many country under the UN had been elect to bring out their fraudsters in their various territories. 


From the head section. Dollarbyte has been weaken so it password can only work with a social media potective name. Because is under investigation. People are warned to stop registration, but still people are on. So it has been recorded that if only your account was filled with some amount. You will surely pay.

William Smith arrested for investigation.